2024 Small Business Marketing Calendar

2024 Small Business Marketing Calendar

Here’s a roadmap for creative marketing campaigns and strategies to capitalize on key dates from June 2024 onwards:


June 30: End of Financial Year

Marked by financial reporting deadlines and tax filings, this period is ideal for budgeting and strategic planning. Hold stocktake sales to encourage purchases or donations that are tax deductible.


July 26: Start of the Olympics

Organize community events or activities to commemorate the Olympics. Engage with local customers and promote fitness on social media channels, emphasizing the importance of mental and physical well-being.


September 1: Father’s Day

Restaurants and cafes can offer special menus, while businesses in sectors like electronics and outdoor recreation can tailor marketing strategies to appeal to fathers’ interests.


October 10: World Mental Health Day

Raise awareness by sharing mental health resources on social media. Implement a self-care day for employees or partner with mental health organizations for fundraising events.


October 31: Halloween

Create Halloween-themed products to attract customers seeking festive goods. Host events or experiences to draw in patrons looking for Halloween-themed entertainment.


November 29 and December 2: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Consider your business’ financial limits before offering discounts. Plan promotions carefully to take advantage of increased demand while staying within budget constraints.


December 24 – January 1: Christmas and New Year Holidays

Decorate your store and online platforms with seasonal elements to create a festive atmosphere. Prepare for staffing and supply interruptions and ensure cash flow from dependable revenue sources. Consider backup plans such as small business loans from us for fast access to cash when needed.


By leveraging these dates and implementing innovative marketing strategies, your small business can thrive throughout the year.